Radio Nets

The Old Military Radio Net
      - Saturdays: 05:00 Eastern - 3885 KHz AM
      - Sundays:   20:30 Eastern - 3558 KHz CW

The Moose and Squirrel C-LRRP Net

      - Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday - 12:00 Noon Eastern
         5357.0 KHz USB

Moose and Squirrel After Dark

- Sundays:  22:00 Eastern - 3830 +/- USB (Under development)

40-Meter USB Group - Central USA
- Daily: 02:00 Z - 7275 KHz USB, 7240 1st Alt.
- Then QSY 3996 KHz USB, 03:00, conditions permitting

MRCG - Western USA
- Saturdays: 09:00 (Pacific) - 3985 KHz AM
- Wednesdays: 20:00 (Pacific) - 3996 KHz USB

Suggested Frequencies for Military Radio Operations

75 Meters:  3885 KHz - Primary AM frequency for short, medium, and log range at MRCA and other events.

60 Meters:  5357 KHz USB (Channel 3) has become the standard MRCA comm frequency.

6 Meters:  51.0 MHz - Primary FM frequency.

COMMENTS:  Military sets operate "wide-band" FM.  There is a dicotomy between the early sets that used noise squelch and more modern radios that use 150 Hz tone squelch.  I.e., if you call on a PRC-10, a PRC-77 user won't hear you unless his squelch is disabled.

6-meter FM "ham" sets can interoperate with the militaqry rigs, but transmit audio will seem weak due to the lower deviation, and receive audio is likely to be distorted do to the higher deviation from the mil sets.  Many ham radios support 151.4 Hz tone squelch, however the frequency tolerance of the tone transmitted on the military sets might not be close enough, and the transmitted 151.4 is likely to be too low in deviation to "break squelch" on the military sets.

2 Meters AM - We have not settled on a single frequency:

144.25 MHz (Several MRCA folks have URC-4 pilot's survivals set crystaled here.)

144.36 MHz (Used by WWII aitcarft.  There are crystals floating around.)

144.45 MHz 

H.F. Packset Freq's:  

1996 KHz, 3996 KHz, 5403.5 KHz, 7296 KHz, 14.342.5 KHZ, 18.157.5  ALL USB

Last Update:  30 December 2022


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