First Annual MRCA Meet, September 8-9, 2000
Dale, KW1I at the controls of his Meissner 150 (U.S. Signal Corps  transmitter Type 02520 and matching exciter unit Type 02433) .
Eastern Blok equipment.
The interior of a Russian YC-8 MF/HF aircraft receiver.  This was designed to be a BC-348 equivalent.  The sections of the tuning drum are hermetically sealed.
Steve Finelli, N3NNG, displayed this rare SCR-506.
N3NNG's MAB/DAV display.
Dave Kormanicki setting up his SCR-284.
Some of the oldest equipment on display was from the collection of William Donzelli.

Left rear:  BC-206 ca. 1936 - Mates BC-312 to BC-176-A

Left front: BC-175 - ca, 1932 - Original tank radio RX used in M-1917 Renault.

Center rear:  BC-114 - ca. 1929 - Bomber TX preceded BC-AA-191 & BC-375.

Center Front: BC-176-A - ca. 1937 - TX - Original mate to BC-175, later used with BC-312.

More Donzelli:

Left rear: BC-313 - ca. 1938 - Freq. meter for early marker beacon.

Right rear: BC-137 - ca. 1928 - Ground radio for aircraft control.

Left front: BC-130 - ca. 1924 - Control box for many early aircraft sets.

Center Front: BC-153 - Nobody knows!

Right front:  SCR-111 - ca. 1920 - Freq. meter, buzzer type.