2003 MRCA Field Exercise
  Radio squads were deployed to the summit of Big Pocono Mountain for this year's field exercise.  Communications were established with net-control station, W3PWW, at the meet HQ in Gilbert, a distance of ten miles.  Taking the high ground allowed contact on 51MHz FM as well as 3885KHz AM.
Here's Al, N3FRQ, adjusting the GRC-9 while Rob, K2WI, stands by on the G-43.  The MP-3's in this section were recorded by the camcorder behind Al's right elbow.  The following recording is ambient audio.  The rest are off the air via the  GRC-9 receiver.

N3FRQ MP-3 (356KB)
Dave Kormanicki, KB3ELD, and Mark Weidmayer operated Dave's SCR-284 powered by a PE-103 dynamoter.

KB3ELD MP-3 (272KB)
Pete, WB2JWU, ran his GRC-9 from a DY-88 dynamoter power supply.

WB2JWU MP-3 (563KB)
Dale, KW1I adjusts his BC-474

KW1I MP-3 (197KB)
Zorro, K4CHE, had the newest rig of the bunch, a solid-state PRC-70.  This set is intended primarily for SSB operation, but does have an AM-equivalent (carrier plus one sideband) mode.

K4CHE MP-3 (282KB)

No one expected 75 meters to be open at three in the afternoon, but we found ourselves sandwiched between an SSB QSO and high-powered AM stations in New England.  Here's KW1I's on-the-air acessment: