The MRCA 2016 Summer Mini Meet 

22-23 July at the Infoage Science History Center in Wall Township, NJ.  This is the site of Marconi's 1914 Trans-Atlantic receiver station that became the U.S. Army Evans Signal Laboratory in 1941.

This event coincides with the New Jersey Antique Radio Club's Summer Swap Meet being held in cooperation with the Ocean Monmouth Amateur Radio Club.

Other attractions at InfoAge ( 1 - 5 PM, Saturday) include:

The Military Technology Museum

The New Jersey Ship Wreck Museum

The Vintage Computer Federation Museum

The NJARC Radio Technology Museum

And if that's not enough, there's the NJHDA Colloquium on Shipwrecks, 8 - 10:30 PM,  Saturday.

K4CHE's coverage of the 2009 Mini Meet.

How can I participate?

1) Just visiting:  Attend the Sawp Meet as a buyer, 8AM - Noon and/or visit the Museums 1 - 5 PM. - Just show up!

2) Vendor at the Swap Meet:  $30 per generous space.  Please register with the folks on the NJARC flyer.

3) Set up an outdoor radio display,  Saturday 1 - 5 PM.  

4) Arrive on Friday, and sleep over.   Best to aim for early PM arrival, as late afternoon/evening shore traffic is annoying.
Please coordinate with Al Klase, on items 3 and 4.